New features preview

Topics: Feature requests, General, Release notes
May 19, 2011 at 4:38 PM
Edited May 19, 2011 at 4:39 PM

We did a source code sync today with some new features we would love some feedback on.

If you got the time and dedication, please grab the latest sources, try out the new stuff and give us some feedback :-)

Besides from a bunch of fixes, here is what is new:

  •  Page URL character transformations now configurable. You can configure rules that should be applied to a pages “URL Title” and thereby you can control if spaces shoud become ‘-‘, if non-ascii characters like ‘ø’ should be ‘oe’, if lower cased urls is desired. These rules can be both ‘guiding’ (executed when auto-generating a “URL Title” based on a page title, but something a user can override) or ‘mandatory’ (forced upon the user editing the page). Configurable plug-ins that handle default behavior is shipped, but you can write your own if needed. See
  • Function call editor now focus on the first parameter when opened. This is a very subtle change, but in previous versions the function call editor would require you to actively select the first parameter (an action you always had to execute). Not this is done automatically.
  • When working with function parameters (example: when defining parameters for an XSLT Function or Inline C# Function) the ‘Set default value’ and ‘Set test value’ buttons will now pre-select a function for you when you click it. Typically you want a constant value as your default or test value and this change will save you around 70% of the clicking involved in setting most parameter default/test value.


  • Dialogs with trees will now auto expand folders than have no sibling – i,e, trees will always expand to a point where user has a selection option. This is done to reduce some of the “dummy clicking” currently required.


    Right now this feature is also available in the primary navigation trees. IMO we should only have this in dialogs, as auto expansion may often be undesirable in the primary navigator.

  • Faster start up time. When the ASP.NET app pool hosting your website does a cold start (due to application recycling or host restart) Composite C1 will initialize. This time have been roughly reduced by 50% and should make Composite C1 scale down (yes, down) better.