Can you mix C1 pages with 'real' .aspx pages?

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Aug 4, 2011 at 1:36 PM

I'm evaluating C1 as a website developer of a wide variety of websites (and comparing to CMS development frameworks like N2CMS)

I am wondering if  the following things are possible/advisable/inadvisable with C1, or if anyone's already done something similar?

  1. Can you add "normal" aspx pages into a C1-based website (and include them in menus etc), or does all content on the site have to be generated inside the C1 system?
  2. If the above is possible, can you insert C1 into an existing site, to enable a set of pages (including new ones)  to be user editable?


Aug 4, 2011 at 2:07 PM

1. It all depends on how you're rendering your menus on the site. If you're using the standard SiteMapNavigator in C1, then no. I would instead recommend you to use the standard SiteMapProvider implementation provided in Contrib package. With this, you're able to inject pages into the hireachy at runtime, and make them behave as where they apart of your normal navigation.

A prictical example is this page, and all its siblings, that doesn't exists in the CMS. Instead they are injected at application startup based on a external xml feed, but since they have a title, id and url the menu-rendering and breadcrumb-rendering doesn't need to know and doesn't care.

2. Sure you can mix urls from being handled by C1 or by yourself. C1 adds a PageRoute the the routertable, so to be able to handle a url yourself, you just need to add your own routes to the start of the table, before C1's PageRoute, or to handle the request with a HttpModule and some UrlRewriting.