Razor Functions - beyond awesome

Topics: General, MVC, Release notes
Oct 28, 2011 at 6:19 PM
I guess you all are aware of ASP.NET Razor - if not you should definitely take a good look at it. In Composite C1 you have previously had to use the MVC Player to get access to Razor, but thanks to community hero @burningice you can now install a package which will imbue your existing site with Razor support and integrate it seamlessly with the Composite C1 Function system.
Beside from making the Razor view engine easily available to you the Razor Functions feature let you combine Razor with typed parameters.The Razor Function package can be installed on existing Composite C1 sites - it's super easy to install and if you know a little C# you will become instantly in love with it.
Visit http://docs.composite.net/Razor-Functions and watch the introduction video - it's pretty darn cool. Enjoy :)